Adjara is situated on the South-Western Black Sea coast of Georgia. Its Southern border is shared with Turkey and runs along the Shavsheti Mountain range. From the North it is Bordered by the Meskheti Range. From the East by the Arsiani Range, and from the West by the Black Sea.

Public Transportation

By air

International flights to Batumi are available at Batumi international airport.

By Land

Minibuses run regulary to Adjara from Tbilisi: “Station  Square” Bus station: “Didube” bus station

Trains travel daily to and from Tbilisi Central Railway station

(2, Station Square).


Welcome to Adjara

Adjara is a fascinating and unique area, where the sea collides with mountain range. One of the must-see regions in Georgia, Adjara has fairly built up a superb reputation as one of the best resort areas, with its warm sup topical climate, its heady mix of sea and mountain air, its revitalizing and healthy sea and spa waters, and some of the best and brightest nightlife on the Black sea.



You want to ski and surf of the same day? You can do it in Adjara. There’s nowhere in the world quite like it. Whether you sky-dive, scuba-dive, water-ski or jet ski, Adjara has everything you need above and beneath the sea. And in the evening, enjoy your favorite style of music in various bars and clubs.

But, if music or water isn’t your thing, simply walk through the peaceful mountains or stay with local family to experience true hospitality and tranquility. Orange, Tangerine and lemon groves, beautiful orchards, forests, mountain streams, and waterfalls make the entire region truly breathtaking. The mountain, which reach over 3.000 metres, are home to dozens of mineral water springs, charming wooden villages and medieval bridges.

The historic town of Batumi is the main tourist destination. Tracing its history back thousands of years, it was once the main port on the ancient Silk Road. Today it is a buzzing resort where the world comes to relax and play. Recent investment, modern infrastructure and deluxe five star hotels create and amazing atmosphere for the best holiday you can imagine.



History and Culture

The region of Adjara has a great history and a unique cultural identity. Part of the Colchis and Caucasian Iberia since ancient times, it was colonized by Greeks in the 5th century BC, and fell under the control of the Roman empire in the 2nd century BC. It was incorporated into the unfiled Georgian Kingdom in the 9th century AD but was later conquered by the Ottomans.

The presence of such diverse civilizations has truly left its mark of Adjara, and you can see many remnants and artifacts in the museums and mountain spread throughout the region.


In Adjara, powerful, mountain-fed rivers roar to the sea, forming beautiful, pure and clean waterfalls. Through such stunning scenery, adventures can enjoy horse-riding, mountain biking, hiking, four wheel drive touirs, rafting, and paragliding. And in winter, don’t forget to ski or snowboard in the snow-sure ski resorts.



Batumi is a city which visitors find easy to fall in love with, thanks to its unique blend of subtropical coastline and beaches, farmed by spectacular snow-capped mountains and boasting legendary nightlife. The health resorting qualities of this combination of sea and mountain air is renowned and perhaps one reason why Georgia boats an unusually high number of centenarians. The fields around the city are mostly tea and citrus plantations, sweet fragrance of which diffuses throughout the area.



Seaside Park

Established in 1881, the Seaside Park is one of the charms of the city. Locals call it simply the “boulevard”. It stretches 7km from the centre of Batumi, along the seashore to the north-west as a long, vibrant and green line. As soon as you approach the Boulevard you start to feel the salty sea air, mixed the aroma from the hundreds of hundreds year old pine and palm trees which line route.


Batumi Botanical garden

Just 9km north of Batumi at Mtsvane kontskhi (green cape),the Batumi botanical grows  thousands of beautiful species of plants _ there are over 5,000 species of plants. Thanks of Adjara’s  unique miroc-climate, garden can grow an astonishing  variety of plants from different regions and climates,all side by side . Marvel at the full impact of so many species together in one place, or simply breathe in the scent these spectacular plants.





Four protected areas cover up to 20% of the territory in Adjara.


Mtirala national park

Mtirala national park is rich and diverse park, with an abundance of flora and fauna. The villages surrounding  the Park have many examples of traditional, ancient wooden houses while the park itself offers world-famous bird-watching and ecotourism activities. The first walking trail starts at the Visitor Centre and stretches along the left bank of the Chakvistavi River.

On the way you will see many varied representatives of the local flora and fauna, such as the Georgia’s Red list species. These include Georgian walnut, Colchic hazelnut, Ungerni’s and Pontic rhododendrons. Other rare, but still sighted examples of fauna include brown bear, marten, the red fox and golden eagles.





Mtsvane Kontskhi

Mtsvane Kontskhi (green cape) is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Georgia. In 1903, the Dopctors Society opened a railway station here in order to access the world-famous Batumi Botanical Gardens. The area is also well known for its its attractions under the sea as it is a popilar dive spot with many visitors who stay and enjoy the area’s health-restoring sanatoriums, hotels, restaurants, and café-bars.




Mountain Resorts

One of the many prominent resorts in the Adjara Mountains is Beshumi, 1900m above sea level. While traveling towards Beshumi visitors are amazed at the incredible scenery as they pass through Acharistskali Valley where clean and pure mountain rivers create incredible waterfalls and unforgettable landscapes.  Arriving at the height of Beshumi one of the first things you notice is its clean, fresh air, laced with the scent of thousands of coniferous trees from the surrounding forests. This truly is a magical place.

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